Australia Free Trade Agreement Wikipedia

Australia Free Trade Agreement Wikipedia

Australia Free Trade Agreement Wikipedia: All You Need to Know

The Australia Free Trade Agreement (AUSFTA) is a bilateral agreement between the United States and Australia. It was signed on May 18, 2004, and came into force on January 1, 2005. The agreement intends to reduce barriers to trade and investment between the two countries.

If you want to learn more about the AUSFTA, Wikipedia is a great source of information. Here is a comprehensive guide to the Australia Free Trade Agreement Wikipedia article.


The article begins with an introduction to the AUSFTA, describing it as a comprehensive free trade agreement that covers goods and services, investment, intellectual property, and government procurement. It also mentions that the agreement was negotiated over a period of more than three years and involved numerous rounds of talks.


The article is divided into several sections, each covering a different aspect of the AUSFTA.

1. Background: This section provides an overview of the history of the AUSFTA negotiations and the context in which the agreement was signed.

2. Overview: This section provides a more detailed summary of the AUSFTA provisions, including the liberalization of trade in goods and services, the protection of intellectual property, and the opening of government procurement markets.

3. Implementation: This section describes how the AUSFTA was implemented in both countries, including the legislative changes required in the United States and Australia.

4. Impact: This section discusses the economic impact of the AUSFTA on both countries, including the growth in trade and investment, and the benefits and challenges faced by various sectors.

5. Criticism: This section examines some of the criticisms of the AUSFTA, including concerns over job losses in certain sectors, the impact on the environment and public health, and the dispute settlement mechanisms included in the agreement.

6. See also: This section provides links to related Wikipedia articles, such as other free trade agreements and trade policy in Australia and the United States.

7. References: This section provides a list of sources used in the article.


The Australia Free Trade Agreement Wikipedia article provides a comprehensive overview of the AUSFTA, covering its background, provisions, implementation, impact, criticism, and related topics. It is a valuable resource for anyone interested in learning more about this important trade agreement between the United States and Australia.